Typical cellphone problems

For many people, their smartphone is their greatest asset. Used for business and pleasure on the daily, these nifty devices have otherwise come to consume the better part of our populace. Few can deny the joy and convenience that comes with mobile technology, as new applications are developed every day to make our lives just a little easier.

However, no matter how advanced smartphones become, and they certainly have come quite a long way, some problems may never go away. We have all had our fair share of dealing with cellphone calamities, and know how frustrating they can be.

It is especially aggravating when you spend a few hundred dollars on a new device, only to have something go wrong within the first couple weeks of owning it. Needless to say, here are the top smartphone issues today, ones the team at Iparts is more than adequately suited to fix!

Is your phone acting flaky?

  • Freezing – in case you were wondering, we are not referring to the temperature of your phone! Otherwise known as “lagging” and “locking up,” this can be the result of many things, including inadequate storage space, too many simultaneously running applications, and an overall deficiency in the processor itself. Phones tend to run slower the more they are used, and the main problem is many people typically think otherwise. Make sure you have enough free space before downloading that next app, or a quick enough processor to run it.
  • Charging – more so the lack thereof, a faulty charging port can essentially render your phone useless. After all, without battery life, it is nothing but a paperweight! Be careful not to charge your device too often, as this is frequently cited as the key contributing factor to port defects. Ideally, you should wait until your battery falls below 10% until placing it on the charger, but even then the standby mode on most smartphones these days allows for up to 6 hours of idle time before the battery dies.
  •  Phone will not turn on – there is obviously a problem when your phone does not turn on at all. Do not be so quick to toss it in the trash though. Try rebooting it by holding down the power button for at least 5 seconds; this is usually the default restart function, and it may just be the case that your phone’s memory needs refreshed. If this does not solve the problem, take out and inspect the battery if the one in your device is removable (they are internal in iPhones). If it appears to be in OK condition, the issue will likely need to be repaired by a professional. Bring it in to iParts we diagnose for free!!!

As you may have noticed, smartphones are far from cheap. When something goes wrong, get in touch with the experts at Iparts. We work on a huge array of devices, and can fix virtually any cellphone issue.