Alternative uses for your smartphone

Newsflash, your phone can do a lot more than make phone calls and text message people. The smartphone era has opened up Pandora’s Box of mobile technology, now giving us the opportunity to check email, post on social media, and download a wide array of applications at lightning quick speed.

Considering all they can do, smartphones might as well be considered “genius” devices; the freedom most of us enjoy in the 21st century on the technology front is incredible to say the least, and much of this can be credited to the open-ended and open-minded concepts put forth by developers.

In other words, there is a lot more to your device than meets the eye. If you want to experience the full power of your mobile and make it work better for you, than here are a few alternatives uses to employ!

We are not in Kansas anymore….the new generation of smartphones unleashed

  • Your personal assistant – what better way to stay organized than to create and manage digital to-do lists on your trusty mobile device? Common, everyday tasks like appointment setting and note taking are made extremely easy and efficient with various built-in and downloadable apps. With thousands to choose from, the sky definitely is the limit for the latter.
  • A modem on the go – although you may have to pay a small fee through your carrier, your smartphone can act as a portable hotspot anywhere. All you need is a workable 3G or 4G connection to activate mobile WiFi; be careful not to spend too much time online if you have a plan with limited data.
  • Video games galore – by now you have probably noticed the plethora of virtual games that are available on the iOS and Android marketplaces. At the very least, your friends and relatives have sent you Facebook game invites. Whatever genre you are into, there is sure to be a title guaranteed to capture your interest during downtime.
  • An e-reader – more and more authors are turning to the world of digital publishing as a means of marketing and selling their books. However, there is no need to spend money on a fancy e-book reader if you have a smartphone. Most titles come standard available for download in compatible mobile format, so it is as easy as saving to your phone’s hard drive.
  • Music – many people actually use their smartphones as MP3 players more so than they do for making phone calls. Even if you stop your cellular service, you can always listen to great tunes!

There is a reason why smartphones are so popular these days; here is a hint, it is not because they make it easier to call people! Although voice quality has improved in droves, it is the above features and many more that keep this segment of the tech market alive and well!