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      iParts and Phone Repair: Get to Know Us    

      Do you want to get your mobile phone fixed? How about getting your drone or laptop repaired? 

      It’s a headache when your mobile phone or laptop doesn’t seem to work. And as you may have experienced, spending money on new devices can definitely be expensive. 

      The Solution 

      What if there’s a way to repair it?

      Spending less money on mobile phone repair is certainly a cheaper option than buying a new device. If you don’t know where to find a technical repair shop nearby, iParts and Phone Repair can help you with that, and our office is located in Folsom, CA. We also operate repair shops located in Vacaville and Gresham. 

      The good news is iParts and Phone Repair in Folsom has all the services you need at reasonable prices. Whether it’s a problem with your Android phone, GoPro camera or you simply want to sell your gadget, we’ve got you covered. 

      As a customer, repairing it yourself can be very risky, so it is important to depend on our certified techs at iParts and Phone Repair in Folsom, CA. Let’s just say that you accidentally broke the gadget and the only solution is to purchase a brand new one. 

      Let’s not wait for this to happen and visit iParts and Phone Repair in Folsom, CA. iPhone, Android phone, laptop repair services shouldn’t be complicated. At Folsom iParts and Phone Repair Company, technicians know their way around with those kinds of devices. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. The solution is simple - Leave it to the experts. 

      Repairable or not? 

      Typically, a device is carefully assessed at technical repair shops. People working at iParts and Phone Repair are doing that as well. They’ll tell you if there’s a chance for it to be repaired in Folsom, CA. You see, there are common factors to be considered such as extreme heat exposure and water damage. If this is the case, you have to replace it with a brand new device when that is totally unrepairable. 

      Device Protection 

      iParts and Phone Repair Company in Folsom CA offer upgrade services to make your devices withstand the test of time. There are customized screen protectors so mobile phones won’t get damaged pretty easily in case someone drops them accidentally. 

      Sell it to us 

      Yes, you can even sell devices to us at competitive prices and there are actually a few simple steps. Simply request for a quote, walk-in, and experience faster payment methods. iParts and Phone Repair uses Paypal, Venmo, Cash App, and cash. Start shipping it today and get paid quickly! 

      Come and visit us! 

      Want your device to get fixed quickly? Forget about long waiting times and see faster results. At iParts and Phone Repair, we understand that it’s stressful to see pending tasks all piling up at the same time because of unrepaired devices. Let’s try to avoid this typical scenario and get things done.