What is new with iOS 8.1.3?

The time has come yet again for another iOS update. You may have been prompted recently to install the latest version of the firmware. If so, what should you expect after updating your iPhone, and are the features of 8.1.3 worth the download?

With their slew of slick and stylish benefits, Apple’s operating system updates have historically been associated with minor bugs and glitches during the first couple of weeks of release. This is the case with virtually every software developer, so it is understandable that some iPhone owners are hesitate to click the download button on their device just yet.

For those of you dare to venture into these uncharted waters and risk tackling a couple of bugs Apple is currently in the process of working out, here are the top reasons to upgrade to iOS 8.1.3 right now!

Here we go again: what 8.1.3 offers iPhone users

Officially launched on January 27, 2015, 8.1.3 introduced a host of new fixes for bugs that had been introduced by 8.1.2 and earlier iOS versions. Like many of its predecessors, the new update also provides users with performance and stability improvements, things like faster app loading, fewer crashes and hang-ups, etc.

Another notable feature of 8.1.3 is that it effectively stops the TaIG jailbreak, which was frequently reported to have caused a number of security vulnerabilities for iPhone users that installed it. Specific reasons to upgrade include:

  • A fix for the widespread problem that was preventing many users from entering their Apple ID information for Facetime and Messages; since these two services are used more than any other, it was imperative that Apple’s tech team got to the root of the problem. Similarly, changes were also made to make Spotlight a great deal more user-friendly, namely that one can now find shortcuts to the apps installed on their phone with one simple swipe.
  • Marked decrease for storage space required for future updates – we have all here before; you find yourself forced to delete pictures, videos, and music files in order to download the latest update. While 32GB users may be safeguarded from this type of hard drive hogging, their fellow 16GB friends could not be any happier about what 8.1.3 has brought them!
  • Better connectivity – overall, many users have found their connections to LTE and WiFi networks have been enhanced by 8.1.3. Hooking up to Bluetooth and changing between various networks is easier than ever, along with less lag time.

Worrying about potential bugs is not a good enough reason to avoid Apple’s newest update. The advantages of upgrading to 8.1.3 far outweigh the negatives, so go ahead, and make the dive. Your phone will thank you!