Top ways to protect your phone from harm

Smartphones are one of the coolest things in the world, until they stop working. In an instant, that expensive, mobile-friendly gadget full of apps and digital bliss can turn into a pocket paperweight.

All it takes is one wrong move (a move too many phone owners have made) to go from texting and Facebook feed surfing, to buying a costly replacement from your network provider. Accidental drops happen all the time, for some more than others, but it is up to you to keep your device in check.

Investing in a carrying case is one of the cardinal rules of smartphone ownership; without a rugged, protective barrier, your phone is just waiting to be damaged. Thank goodness for companies like Otterbox, who design their accessories around an accident-prone smartphone populace! But the truth is if you talk to any repair company that has been doing comprehensive repair for any type of length, they will tell you they have seen a break of some kind in all types of cases, even the otterbox. Being mindful of how you treat your device will save you from a needless repair. Below are a few other tips for ensuring your phone lives a long, healthy life!

Nip the never ending, phone buying cycle in the bud

  • Know where your device is at all times – never leave your phone unattended or somewhere you could lose it. In addition to increasing the risk of theft, accidents typically occur more often to misplaced items. If you have ever narrowly missed sitting on your phone or knocking it off of a countertop, you know exactly what we are talking about!
  • It is better to be cautious, not sorry – certain circumstances scream potential phone disaster, and it is during these situations when you need to engage ultra-protective mode! From summertime campfires to selfies snapped a few feet from cliff edges, risk reduction is essential. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard that it slipped out of their hand in the car while driving into their coffee cup.
  • Only one item in the pocket at a time – most people have a bad habit of tossing spare change and other stuff in their pockets alongside their phones. It does not take a rocket scientist to realize moving metal is the last thing you want coming into contact with your smartphone screen. If you are one to do this, do not be surprised to pull out a scratch-covered device next time or even a broken or bent one depending upon the manufacturer and model of the device.
  • Screen protectors are like gold – they cost a few dollars and are designed for one sole purpose; to safeguard your phone’s screen from a myriad of potential issues. Comprised of adhesive film, protectors remain fixed to the device and are fully transparent. The only time you will likely notice it is there is when it does its job!
  • Talk to your repair specialist at iParts – We have seen a lot in the last 8 years in this industry. Not all devices warrant insurance and not all insurance companies are reliable when it comes to electronic devices. Many times customers receive “refurbished” phones under their insurance contracts only to receive someone elses problem. Talk to the specialists at iParts, they have knowledge of the cost for repair and replacement of broken items on your device. Sometimes the cost to maintain a device is far less expensive than the salesperson selling you the insurance tells you it is once you get done with monthly fees and deductibles. Repair shops don’t charge you monthly to fix your device. Remember that when looking into insurance.