What to do When Your Game Console Breaks

Game Console Repairs

Looking for an expert solution to your damaged PS4 or Xbox? Whether it’s a disabled HDMI port, a blinking blue light, or even an obnoxious fan noise, gaming consoles are fairly well-known for mishaps. Some of these issues are easy, in-home fixes. However, many PS4 and Xbox One issues require professional game console repairs from industry experts (no offense, Mom or Dad!). But before you go searching up “game console repairs near me,” let’s take a look at some of the most common game console issues and see what you can fix at home.

Poor display quality

One of the most common issues, at least for Xbox One users, is a low-quality display. Thankfully, this typical problem also comes with a relatively simple solution. Navigate to your Dashboard settings, and from there, select “Display and Sound.” This section will offer various display options, so select the one that best suits your screen.

Poor Display Quality

Network connectivity errors

Before you wonder why you’ve been singled out for a network issue, remember that the PlayStation Network (PSN) sometimes experience downtime for service maintenance. Additionally, you may have run into an issue with your ethernet. Make sure the cable runs securely into the PlayStation console’s NETWORK connector, and try to use a short cable, no longer than 25 feet.

Network Issues

Disc Read Errors

If you find that your PS4 or Xbox won’t read the disc, PlayStation support suggests using a soft cloth to clean the disc. Small dirt or even fingerprints can hinder your gaming system from properly reading a disk. Next, troubleshoot other discs such as a DVD or another game disc. Finally, use the Safe Mode method of turning your station off and then on a few moments later. Once restarted, you can select “Option 5: Rebuild Database” to resolve the disc read issue.

Game Installation Issues

The Xbox gaming system is known to struggle with installing games, sometimes pausing for long periods or halting progress altogether. Experts suggest a couple of solutions to this issue, one of which is to clear all locally saved game files. Don’t worry that you’re deleting those previous games – with Xbox Live, you can always retrieve them later. But saved game files can undergo corruption over time and stall game downloads.


Another possible diagnosis is that the game attempted an auto-update while you installed it. If this is the case, simply go offline and try downloading it. Without that internet connection, all updates will take a seat and allow you to finish the installation.

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of gaming console repair issues. If you run into a problem that needs an expert fix, don’t worry – your solution’s just around the corner. iParts and Phone Repair’s local repair shop has in-house professionals who will take care of you and your gaming system. With the latest equipment in the industry, as well as meticulously trained device experts, our staff have all the tools they need to serve you our quick and inexpensive repairs.

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