Peripheral Paraphernalia: Awesome Devices to Pair with Your Smartphone

So you’ve got a new smartphone, and now you’re wondering what other devices will enhance your smartphone experience. Simply put, things that will extend the battery life, enhance your audio capabilities, or protect your phone from damage are not just extra goodies, but can be considered vital additions if you really want to get the most out of the devices you likely just dropped a nice sum on.

So read on for some of the best accessories to buy to enhance your smartphone user experience.

Protective Cases

This is going to be one of the first purchases you’ll want to get in order to protect your phone from drops and shocks that occur despite you being ever so careful. Silicone cases are recommended for their shock-absorbency. They are usually easy to hold and soft on the hands while form-fitting enough to not add an enormous amount of extra bulk. While there are higher priced variants, finding cases locally at electronic or cell repair stores are always an option.

Extra Batteries or Battery Packs

If you have an iPhone, or any number of Android devices without removable batteries, you’re out of luck. Otherwise, getting an extra battery for your phone is always a good idea for busy commutes when you just don’t have enough juice. Battery packs are still good options regardless of your phone because many can function as flashlights, charge other USB devices, and are small yet still pack an extra punch for your phone battery. Check out the Anki brand, or SolPro’s solar-powered Helios as good examples.

Bluetooth Speaker

Chances are your smartphone comes with a headset or pair of earbuds, or you might already own some. Still, if you are looking to fill a room or a backyard with some groovy tunes with a device you can easily put in your bag and forget about until you need it, there are tons of quality Bluetooth speakers to choose from. JBL has a reputation for sound quality, and while the battery life for their Clip speaker has been panned, it still offers great bang for the buck.