Be careful with how you handle that shiny, new iPhone.  As unfortunate as it sounds, current statistics say your stylish smartphone will soon be worked on by a phone repair company.  It is indeed quite ironic that as the more expensive our phones become, the greater risk they have of being dropped, smashed, and cracked, and so on.

Is this to say we do not take as good of care of our handhelds as we used to? Despite being expensive, there is no denying the plethora of smartphones (both Android and iOS-powered) that are available on the market. Perhaps it is due to this widespread supply that people have forgotten about the fact that the devices they are touting every day cost $300-500 on average for most models.

Is the iPhone 5 Apple’s problem child?

While the iPhone 6 series is the newest addition to Apple’s famous and iconic smartphone line, the 5 models are still used and preferred by a large number of users. Many people enjoy the compact size of the 5, 5C, and 5S’, all of which have been described as sporting ideal dimensions for everyday carrying and use.

Needless to say, with the advantages always come the disadvantages. Throughout its history, each iPhone generation has been notorious for being susceptible to screen damage, and this may especially apply to the most recent predecessor.

Interestingly, the 6 series was recalled shortly after its launch in the fall of 2014 for a similar issue (screen bending), so it goes to show Apple still has work to do in this department. Of course, one has to hand it to the tech giant for its rigorous commitment to quality control.

After conducting a series of durability tests, it was found that the 5 line has a greater chance of breaking if dropped compared to former models. No device is indestructible, but the possibility of salvaging your 5C or 5S after it falls from a few feet up is not favorable. Please note these tests are not reflective of the standard 5 series, which was released earlier in the year.

Hence, if you have one of these phones, you are probably in the clear as far as the damage factor goes! Much of this has to do with the materials used to construct the phones; the 5C is housed in plastic and the 5S in glass and aluminum. As you can probably expect, the most advanced of the 5 series is also the most prone to harm.

Regardless of which type of smartphone you choose, remember that none are immune to the careless actions of their owners. Hold that device tightly and keep it away from table edges and water. It really is not that difficult, folks!