Hidden Gems: Obscure Games You have to Play!

While mobile gaming platforms boast great ports and games built from the ground up with touch controls in mind, the popularity of the iPhone and Android platforms are bound to bring about games that are well-designed and receive critical acclaim, but might go unnoticed by the masses simply due to lack of exposure. While the XCOM: Enemy Withins and Shadowrun: Dragonfalls of the world have the backing of big publishers to showcase their prowess to the world, here are some titles that may have escaped the eye of the average mobile gamer.


This game is not for everyone, but it is a fun little strategy game nonetheless. You move a character around a hexagon-based map with but a few offensive choices while you aim to fend off crowds of sorcerers and other minions. This procedurally-generated, turn-based game is a throwback with retro graphics, but as a slow burn, it’s satisfying to reach the end.

You Must Build a Boat

This puzzle game is super addictive, as all good puzzle games are. The sequel to the unfortunately-titled 10000000, this connect-3-of-a-kind puzzler has a ton of upgrades to build bigger and better combos, all in the service of – you guessed it – building a bigger and better boat. Though, by the time all is said and done, your boat will more closely resemble Noah’s Ark.

Monument Valley

This puzzle game actually received a fair bit of attention for its outstanding aesthetic sensibilities, even appearing briefly in a Google Play advertisement. You as a player guide a princess around a mind-bending, isometric environment that will remind you of a Mobius strip, or perhaps bring back memories of some of MC Escher’s work. Make no mistake, the first puzzle you solve will make you utter some variant of the syllable ‘ahhh’ as you figure out what makes this masterpiece so fun and effective.