Do you Have Devices Sitting Around in a Drawer Broken?

Considering the way mobile phones have allowed us increasing untethered liberation, it’s not a surprise to see the exponential growth of cellphone, especially smartphone, users. The Pew Research Center says 64 percent of Americans owned a cellphone in 2014. And there are no signs that number is going to stop growing any time soon. But along with use comes repair problems as well.

Dead and Broken Units in Your Home
If you’ve got a broken iPhone unit or two, don’t lose hope that you’ll never see their screens come back to life. You don’t have to shell out money for a new one if you can find a way to make the damaged ones work again! Here’s what you can do to make that happen:

1. DIY Fixes. There are plenty of DIY fixes online that you could follow and apply to your phone. From simple fixes that get rid of the scratches on your screen to advice on how to fix or replace a cracked screen, you’ll find it easy to do simple repair jobs on your own. If you aren’t using your phone because of a screen problem, then this could be a good solution for you. Just make sure you have the right tools and gear before you start. Follow the instructions to the letter, and you’ll do just fine.

2. Repair Shop.
If you don’t have the skills or tools to pull off DIY jobs, then bring your devices to a reliable Android repair or iPad repair shop.

Finding a Repair Shop
Experience is always a good indication. So look for phone repair shops that have in business for years. If you’re looking for iPhone repair or cell phone repair in Sacramento, contact us at iParts and Phone Repairs. We are a wireless device, smartphone and gadget repair center. We take pride in our knowledge of the “i” product line and have learned to repair each new gadget the most efficient way possible.

From using your mobile phone to chat and read emails, to surfing online as well as shopping, you’ve come a long way from relying on your cell phones for basic call and text features. So don’t give up too easily at the first sign of trouble. You might think the problem is so much worse than it actually is, so it helps to consult with a repair technician first before leaving your phone to your drawer—and to oblivion—forever.

iParts and Phone Repairs offers iPhone and phone repairs along with iPad repair services. For more information about us or our services, visit our website!