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Broken iPhone Stats

Pretty much everyone and his or her brother have a smartphone these days. The convenience these devices offer cannot be overstated. A web-based device that can store hundreds of apps, access the internet, and still make crystal-clear phone calls is amazing, and the phone market is full of them. But did you know that there are Sacramento iPhone repair shops available if you break your iPhone?

How strong is your Apple?

It is probably better to refer to smartphones for what they really are, miniature computers! Despite the hip new, technology that leading brands are delving into; manufacturers have yet to perfect the art of the foolproof, indestructible phone. Apple’s iPhone line is a great case in point example. The brand’s signature smartphone has been around for many years now, and was one of the very first to enter the market.

Apple is known for producing some of the best products; top-notch quality is there specialty, even if that means throwing numerous test models to the curb in an attempt to complete a polished gem. It took alot of hard work and man-hours to create that sleek, stylish handheld in your pocket, and that is something Apple is highly proud of.

The only problem is, even the greats have their flaws. The launch of the newest series, the iPhone 6 and 6+, was quickly retracted once millions of new owners began reporting problems with bent and broken screens. Such has been the history for the smartphone line, and one issue Apple is still working to remedy in its entirety.

The numbers do not lie: iPhone owners are clumsy

Since the iPhone’s inception in 2007, the most frequent repair performed by the manufacturer and third party shops has been screen replacement. The reason being that the glass on these phones is noticeably larger than comparable models; with a larger screen size comes the increased risk of damage.

Brace yourself for a staggering statistic. The amount of money spent by Americans on broken iPhones has surpassed the $6 billion mark.

The most common accident was accidental dropping (30%), with falls from the lap, table, and spilling liquids on the device coming after. Nearly 1/3 of all iPhone owners have reported damage to their phone within the last year, and another 1/5 has had to have their phone repaired more than once! You are ten times more likely to accidentally damage your iPhone than to have it stolen. Remember, the next time you use your smartphone, consider holding on a little tighter!