Apple repair made difficult

The brand that dominates the mobile digital landscape, Apple is by all means a force to be reckoned with in the tech industry. Its products can be found everywhere; from its sleek and stylish desktops and laptops, to the trendy iPhone line, Apple has become a household name across the globe. Its growth is far from over either; with each passing year, the company produces and sells more devices than the ones preceding it.

To emulate this iconic business has proven to be quite the challenge for its competitors, as it is commonly understood that Apple meticulously takes its time during the development process. This is clearly demonstrated in the iOS marketplace, as contrary to the plethora of free apps available for download for Android-powered devices, Apple’s selection is far more limited (but the quality unmatched). Here are some challenges that our Folsom iPhone customers may be facing:

Apple puts DIY repair skills to the test

In line with its specialty area of high-tech manufacturing expertise, one downside for the company’s consumers are the difficulties they face when attempting to repair or replace parts on a damaged device. It has long been known that Apple makes it particularly tough for customers to fix their gadgets on their own.

This has understandably garnered a number of critics over the years, not to mention many disgruntled consumers who lack the funds needed to pay Apple directly for an in-house repair. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the way the company designs its products (quite the reverse actually), but it does raise some important questions about customer satisfaction and retention.

The ins and outs of Apple repair jobs

Instead of relying on old-fashioned nuts and bolts, Apple has moved more towards the use of adhesives in the construction of its consumer electronics, namely the iPhone and iPad. Special care must be taken to not damage the delicate internal components when removing these bonding agents.

And when it does come time to insert screws, the brand is famously regarded for using the smallest of the smallest. In the absence of excellent hand eye coordination and access to the right tools, the only words worth muttering to DIYers are “good luck!”

There are many other ways Apple makes solo repair projects time-intensive, but to be clear, they are not impossible. Of course, one cannot exactly expect a $500+ smartphone to be disassembled in a matter of seconds. With quality comes the need for technical competence, which is why you should always entrust that device repair job into the hands of a trained professional!