Meet Team

Perris Litton


Perris was promoted to Lead Technician in July 2015, he has always been known as his family’s “tech guy.”

Fellow classmate and friend of Alika since kindergarten and Bella Vista High School graduate 2012. Former member CBK Productions a little local rap duo that scored local gigs at the likes of The Boardwalk and Ace of Base opening up for Bay Area artists. Perris became an iParts team member after brief employment at a butcher shop left him having to have reconstructive surgery on his hand. Always nimble with his fingers and with his hand newly healed we had been talking to Perris about hiring him, we were just waiting for an opening. “Im known as a typical class clown, i like to make people laugh to lighten the mood and make people’s day better. I love spending time with my friends and family”

Perris recently attended Folsom Lake College where he is studying his general education. Perris will be attending Sierra College in the spring.