We are Sacramento’s Cell Phone, Tablet, Gadget, Laptop and Device Repair Experts!

The team at iParts and Phone Repairs is passionate about fixing your device. We take pride in our commitment to repair. We aren’t trying to sell you a phone or a gadget, although we have them for you to purchase. That’s just not what we’re here for. Fixing your existing cellphone, smartphone, gadget, iPad, tablet, laptop and any other electronic device is what we’ve been doing since we opened up our first location in 2009 in Citrus Heights, CA. Read the full story.In 10 short years the smartphone has become our way of life. Our calendar. Our phonebook. Our notepad. Our encyclopedia. We have become so dependent on these electronics and iParts and Phone Repairs has learned that we can’t stay the same because the market and the products don’t stay the same. We must consistently


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develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. “the company has evolved into a major repair center for all of your electronic repair needs”
develop, progress, advance

iParts has helped hundreds of thousands of consumers and businesses stay connected by repairing their existing devices. Whether you’re part of our corporate account program or one of our many clients walking through our doors we have taken the art of repair to the next level.

When we originally started repairing these devices all of the manufacturers were telling their customers that they couldn’t be fixed, that they had to buy a new one. What does this mean to you? It means you can trust us. We aren’t trying to get you to buy a brand new device and we aren’t going to tell you it can’t be fixed if it can. We care about the health of the device you have and we are in the business of keeping your electronics working at their most optimum performance and in your hand! We can fix the most common repairs like the glass and lcd (like everybody else) but we can also do more complicated repairs like sim pin repair and charge port replacement that require micro soldering. We send our most seasoned technicians to school to get certified so our shops have a broader level of repair. We are the premier repair facility with the most experience repairing your devices and gadgets in the Sacramento and Solano county regions. Sometimes you don’t think something can be fixed but it can. ASK US! We have about a 75% recovery rate on liquid damage items and if we can’t fix it we won’t charge you. AND we diagnose for FREE. We have repaired many different electronic items, things we weren’t sure could be repaired but a consumer or business wanted it repaired, we could get the part, we tried, and we were successful!

Here is a short list of items we have repaired

  • Pin Pads for the lunch lady (similar to a pin pad in a bank)
  • 50 year old schick razor
  • High end car alarm/key combination
  • Rascal electric mobility scooter
  • Amplifier
  • Nikon camera board work
  • Garmin GPS charge port

We train our technicians in house to do things our way which means we care about you, we care about your device, and we care about your experience.


ELECTRONIC RECYCLING: Do you have cell phones laying around in a drawer? We are a drop off location for Cell Phones for Soldiers.

“We’re bringin `em back to life, one device at a time”