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iParts And Phone Repairs is happy to serve our local, nationwide and worldwide customers repairing, troubleshooting and replacing parts for ALL smart phones, Android, Windows, iPhones (all generations), iPod Classic (all generations), iTouch (all generations), iPod nano (6 and 7 generations), iPad (all generations), We are very blessed to have been featured on Good Day Sacramento due to being the first iPhone repair company in the Sacramento, California area. We take pride in our knowledge of the "i" product line and have been officially in business since the 2g iPhone inception. We are the inventors of the iPhone Cheetah mount which has the ability to open up the 2g first generation iPhone without damaging the components on the iPhone. Trust us with your device because we have the proper tools and keep up to date with repair trends that benefit our customers. So if you want to know who's big in the mobile smart phone, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and tablet repair business, look no further.

No other licensed company knows what we know. From broken shattered glass repairs, battery issues, charging dock issues, LCD display replacements, back housing cover replacements, chrome bezel fix, ear and loudspeaker repairs, headphone jack repairs, android charge port issues, and we have certified technicians to do motherboard repair and microsoldering work.

Do you have devices sitting around in a drawer broken? We buy broken smartphones, iPhones, iPods, iPod Touch and iPads. Recycle your electronics because one persons trash could be anothers persons treasure. We will buy your broken devices.

iParts and Phone Repairs is a wireless device, smartphone and gadget repair center that has been servicing and repairing devices of our local customers in the Greater Sacramento Area since October 2009. We opened our first location in Citrus Heights. iParts was born because a 13 year old wanted an iPhone so he figured out a way to buy it. His 2G iPhone broke the same day he received it from eBay so he figured out a way to fix it. Read the full story.

IParts opened its second location in Vacaville in February 2014 and its third location in Folsom in January 2015. iParts repairs all brands of smartphones with all operating systems: Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Casio, Nokia, iPhones (ALL MODELS). We fix all of your favorite idevices and gadgets such as iPod Classic (all generations), iPod Touch (all generations), iPod Nano (6 and 7 generations), iPad (all generations), Tablets, Kindle Fire, Nook, Beats Headsets, and Casio keyboards plus many more items we've repaired for our customers over the years. Because iParts jumped into this industry at its earliest stages and we were the first iPhone repair company in the Sacramento, CA area, our family business has been fortunate enough to have been featured on two local news shows - Good Day Sacramento and Fox 40 News.

We take pride in our knowledge of the "i" product line and we have learned to repair each new gadget or device that has been introduced into the industry. We can fix your glass, buttons, charging issues, LCD display, WIFI issues, headphone jacks, speakers, microphones, cameras, and batteries. We microsolder that loose Android charge port and we can do glass only repairs for select models of Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Note. We have a 75% recovery rate for liquid damage and if we can't recover it we don't charge you. We have certified technicians, we do mother board repair and we always diagnose for free so give us a call!

Do you have devices sitting in a drawer? We are a drop-off location for Cell Phones For Soldiers.

Recycle your electronics. We will buy your used and/or broken device or gadget.

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