Apple Can’t Make iPhones Forever. What’s Next?

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As the biggest company in the world, Apple operates to different rules from other businesses. That was apparent against last week when Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, partly blamed weaker-than-expected iPhone sales on leaks about future products. Cook said that there had been a “pause in purchases” due to “earlier and much more frequent reports about […]

Don’t Dump Your Broken Cell Phone, Fix It!

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Don’t Dump Your Broken Cell Phone, Fix It! Like most people, you’ve probably owned and run through a couple of phones by now. Chances are, you’ve already experienced one or more of the following as well: casing problems and dock charging problems, to broken or shattered glass screens and battery woes. Almost Everybody’s on Mobile […]

To iPhone or Not to iPhone?

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Would that the great philosophers were here today to aid in the decision. Whether you’re entering the world of phones, or more likely, replacing one, this question has caused flurries of fevered research and sleepless nights. People tend to be more comfortable with what they know, and this propensity increases when technology is involved. Apple’s […]

PhonEtiquette: Manage Your Life While Keeping Your Friends

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Smartphones are wonderful, no argument! They streamline both work life and personal errands. Games, books and movies keep us amused. Apps support self-improvement. And communication options keep everyone in touch, fostering the opportunity to create and deepen relationships. Alas, they are a two-edged sword. Imagine sitting across from your date, and they nonchalantly pick up […]

Charge Wisely, Maximize Life

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The technological marvel that is today’s phone: you baby it with a protective case, safeguarding the expensive little computer that it is. You keep it dry and happy. But how do you treat the very heart of your darling, the battery? Best of Health Technically, a battery is only fully healthy for a short period […]